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About Us

Commando Dave's Philosophy

BBQ is more culture than chemistry, and Commando Dave’s is about blending the warrior culture of special operations with the love of BBQ. The warrior culture is the quiet professional who lives by the virtues of humility, service, resilience, devotion, and a burning passion – an unquenchable desire – to be the absolute best you can achieve.

When you get Commando Dave’s seasonings, you get the best of a humble pitmaster, chef, and battle-tested Wounded Warrior. Purchasing Commando Dave’s seasonings means you’re joining a community of patriotic warriors and supporters who believe in the Americana of BBQ.

Our Story

Commando Dave’s started as a ‘thank you’ gift to Dave’s fellow commandos who had looked out for his family while Dave was on back-to-back deployments in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

A very road weary Dave arrived home to a welcoming crowd and massive banner that read “Welcome Home Commando Dave!” Already a renowned BBQ pitmaster in the special operations community, Dave bottled up some of his BBQ rub to share as a special thank you. In a case of catching lightning in a bottle (well, a mason jar), Commando Dave’s BBQ rubs have become a sensation across the military community as special operators and intelligence community warriors across the nation rave about Commando Dave’s. After being badly wounded on his next deployment, Commando Dave’s BBQ rubs have also become a way to share a powerful story of healing, resilience, and perseverance. When you buy Commando Dave’s, you join a very special group of patriots who believe in world-class BBQ and supporting combat wounded disabled veterans.

Who is Commando Dave?

Self-taught, Commando Dave is a humble pitmaster, chef, and baker. Having cooked for all sorts, from generals to the general public, Commando Dave’s mastery of BBQ is well known in military circles around the globe.

Commando Dave is formerly a Special Operations Command Medical Officer who served over 21 years on active duty, including several combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. Wounded-in-Action while serving in Afghanistan, Dave retired from the military and went on to become an national-award winning intelligence officer and Wounded Warrior philanthropist. Commando Dave’s BBQ rubs became a way to heal through the kitchen and BBQ pit; a way to become a beacon of hope, resilience, and culinary excellence for Wounded Warriors, families, and patriots across America.

Commando Dave is truly a Renaissance Man: warrior, scholar, intelligence officer, researcher, writer, philanthropist, and chef. A “Quiet Professional” and humble combat wounded veteran, Dave is much happier (and more comfortable) talking about family, food, and philanthropy than he is talking about himself.

As a Purple Heart recipient and elected leader of other combat wounded veterans, Dave would tell you that the real heroes who inspire him are the friends and colleagues killed or wounded in action, the families of the killed and wounded, and the community of caregivers and supporters like you who make it possible for the survivors of war to carry on.


Vice President and
Director of Media Relations

If you think that the baked beans dog knows secrets, meet “Shasta” – a true spy dog and legend in the Intelligence Community. Shasta is the most amazing Golden Retriever you’ll ever meet. She is Commando Dave’s service dog and land navigation system, and guides Dave around the nation. Shasta has been to some of the most secure facilities in the United States, including HQ CIA, Cheyenne Mountain, Site R, the Pentagon, and White House. Shasta has rubbed elbows with Congressmen and Cabinet Officials, and – no kidding – even met a North Korean defector. Despite Shasta’s rock star status as “the most read on dog in America,” she is the sweetest, most gentle and loving service dog you will meet. And, sorry, not even Shasta knows the recipe to Commando Dave’s BBQ rubs…

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be happy.